RAW Regulations

1. RAW: Residencies Arché→Work is an itinerant programme supported by Ibermedia Programme and organized by Arché, Apordoc’s creative development lab and MRG//WORK, Márgenes Film Festival’s creative development lab.

2. RAW: Residencies Arché→Work takes place between October and November in Lisbon and Madrid that includes the participation in Arché, a 2-week artistic residency in Lisbon and the participation in MRG//WORK.

3. In 2021, the organization will provide means to the online participation in case any selected project is not able to travel or if the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic prevents the organization of activities.

4. RAW aims to create a privileged space of training and development with the following objectives:
• To strengthen Lisbon-Madrid axis into service of a plural and independent film industry of non-fiction film, and encourage co-productions between Ibermedia countries;
• To create market access opportunities to emerging talents, respecting the artistic and economic specificities of each project and considering the production process as an authorial one process as well;
• To foster the proximity between film production and film criticism and research.

5. dedicated to film projects that encompass a strong implication in the domain of the real – projects able to experiment the potential and boundaries of its documental matri and to young film researchers in the iberoamerican cinema field.

6. RAW is exclusive to authors from countries that are members of the Ibermedia Programme: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

7. RAW programme includes project development workshops, pitching sessions, individual tutorships, masterclasses and round tables, a Criticism and Research workshop and artistic residencies. Online encounters are also part of RAW activities. residências artísticas. Às actividades presenciais, juntam-se encontros e tutorias online.

8. In 2021, RAW will take place in Lisbon and Madrid, from October 21st and November 21st:
October 21 – 31: Arché (in the scope of Doclisboa, Lisbon)
November 1 – 15: Artistic Residencies (Lisbon)
November 16 – 21: MRG//Work (in the scope of Márgenes Festival, Madrid)

9. Each selected project will be given 1 participation fellowship, with the support of the Ibermedia Programme, that covers:
• Individual working plan with a tutor, chosen according the nature and needs of each project, along the whole programme;
• Programme of meetings and virtual masterclasses with experts and film professionals;
• Accommodation in Lisbon during Arché (October 21st – 31st);
• Artistic Residency in Lisbon and per diem expenses (November 1st – 16th);
• Access to Arché and all its activities;
• Access to Doclisboa and its Industry Programme, Nebulae;
• Flight from Lisbon to Madrid;
• Accomodation in Madrid (November 17th – 21st);
• Access to MRG//Work and all its activities;
• Access to Márgenes and all its activities.

10. Travel costs must be covered by the participants.

11. In 2021, calls are open between April 15th to June 1st at 23:59 (GMT+1).

12. Projects submissions are free of charge.

13. Applicants are required to fill in the application for and send the materials as defined in the Call.

14. The selection of the participating projects will be made by the Arché coordinators. If considered relevant, the coordinators will summon up relevant professionals from the sector. The selection comite will take into account creativity and the use of innovative narrative and aesthetical tools as well as the project viability. For the final selection, video-call interviews will be held with all those pre-selected.

15. Selected participants will be informed of the results by e-mail up to a month before the festival. The information on participating projects will be under embargo until the official announcement to be made by the organization in www.arche-space-org and www.margenes.org.

16. Applicants must ensure their availability during RAW schedule dates. Participation in all activities is mandatory.

17. The selected participants must have medical and travel insurance.

18. Participants will authorise the publication of the provided information in the official catalogue of Doclisboa and Márgenes, their website and social media, and other promotional materials, except for confidential data.

19. Projects selected to be part of RAW agree to use the RAW logotype in the film’s credits and promotional materials. Moreover, they agree to use the following wording “Participant Project at RAW”.

20. Projects winning Arché or Márgenes awards are also requested to use the award partner logo.

21. The submission of a project implies the knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.

22. The direction of Apordoc and Márgenes will decide on all matters not covered by these regulations according to the film festival international rules.