Raw: Residencies

In partnership with Spanish film festival Márgenes and with the support of the Ibermedia Programme, Arché presents RAW: Residencies Arché→Work. RAW is an itinerant programme that includes the participation in Arché, an artistic residency in Lisbon and the participation in MRG//Work, Márgenes’s creative development lab.

RAW is divided into the 2 following categories


Calls for projects are open until June 1st (23:59, GMT+1) for the next edition of RAW: Residencies Arché->Work. In 2021, RAW will take place in the following dates:
October 21 – 31: Arché (in the scope of Doclisboa, Lisbon)
November 1 – 15: Artistic Residencies (Lisbon)
November 16 – 21: MRG//Work (in the scope of Márgenes, Madrid)
Applicants must read the RAW Regulations carefully before submitting their projects.

For more information, please contact:
arche@apordoc.org or work@margenes.org