Arché is a space for thinking and creative development, intending to provide tools and moments of reflection and training to new film projects, as well as a platform of contact with international agents of the film industry in an atmosphere of an in-depth work.

Arché welcomes 12 film projects from Ibero-american countries and Italy. It consists of a 10-days programme that includes project development workshops, a pitching session, one-to-one meetings among other activities.


Arché workshops aim at providing projects the necessary tools to explore the subjects, to reflect upon narrative strategies and include the viewing of footage and/or working versions in the case of projects in the editing stage or first cuts.


Participants pitch their projects in 10 minutes presentations to industry guests. Producers, programmers, sales agents and other professionals attending Doclisboa will be invited.


A series of dynamic 15 minutes meetings between participants and industry guests with the goal of fostering the network and promotion of the participating projects.

In 2023, Arché will take place between October 19th and 29th in the scope of Nebulae, the industry space of Doclisboa International Film Festival.