RAW: Residencies Arché→Work is a training program and artistic development programme organized between Arché and Márgenes. Madrid International Film Festival (Spain). It aims at providing a working space free from immediate financial and logistical objectives, while directly focusing on the creative process in terms of directing and production.

It also aims to foster the proximity between film production and film criticism and research, thus being divided into two different strands: the Creation Residencies and Film Criticism and Research Residencies. A total of six projects will be selected, 3 for each residency.

RAW is an itinerant programme of several weeks that includes the participation in Arché, an artistic residency in Lisbon and the participation in MÁRGENES/WORK, Márgenes Film Festival’s lab.

Creation Residencies

Targeting emerging directors from Ibero-american countries and Italy with a feature film project at any stage (development, production or post-production ), with special attention to innovative, original and authorial proposals, relevant in the contemporary film panorama. The programme offers a working and training space, designed according to the specific need of each project.

Criticism Residencies

Targeting young film critics and researchers from Ibero-american countries and Italy with a project related to non-fiction cinematic practice, with a focus on Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American audiovisual production. This programme aims to promote the creation of content and knowledge in order to foster the dialogue between research and contemporary filmmaking practices.


25 10 arché tutoria filme©miguel chorão 02


20 - 24 October, 2024

During Arché, the Creation residents participate in project development workshops and other Nebulae (industry-oriented project and networking space at Doclisboa) activities. The tutors of the Criticism and Research Workshop will head the projects carried out by the RAW participants.

Artistic Residencies

25 October - 25 November, 2024 (Lisbon)

A moment for deepen the reflection and work, away from the intense days of the film festivals. In 2024, the Artistic Residency will be in Lisbon, where the participants continue to develop their projects with the tutors and to work on the presentation of Arché Talks.
Márgenes 381©TamaradelaFuente(2)


26 - 30 November, 2024

During Márgenes/Work, Creation residents attend the workshops, experts consulting sessions and all other activities of the programme. Criticism residents attend the second part of the Criticism and Research Workshop with the tutors and the creation of a podcast to be delivered at the end of the Residency.
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